Raksha Bandhan Mehndi Design
Raksha bandhan is a celebration of bonding between brother and sister. Celebrate the bonding of brother and sister festival with these latest trendy raksha bandhan mehndi designs. You can choose between minimal, arabic raksha bandhan mehndi
Bangle Mehndi Designs
Bangle Mehndi designs are mostly used during weddings and other festive occasions. Bangle mehndi designs usually have floral designs or geometric patterns. Bangle mehndi designs are easy to apply on both hands and feet. Since there are a lot of gaps in between the designs, the mehndi patterns are very eye pleasing. Bangle mehndi designs can be used as temporary tattoos and are great for casual parties look. Indian bridal ceremonies are never complete without mehndi parties. So get into the Indian festive mood with these beautiful...
African Mehndi Design
Check out these beautiful North african and south african mehndi designs by these talented henna artists. African mehndi designs have abstract and geometrical patterns to them. One can find a lot of pyramid shapes and geometric shapes in the african mehndi design. During weddings and other festive occasions, people prefer temporary tattoos and the quick fix is african mehndi design. The mehndi designs in Asia and Africa are completely different. Indians prefer to use floral and peacock patterns to their mehndi designs. In...
Indian Mehndi Designs
Mehndi otherwise known as Henna is quite popular in the Indian sub-continent. Sangeets and wedding ceremonies are never complete without Indian mehndi designs. The most popular motifs which are used for the Indian mehndi designs are peacocks, mangoes, flowers, bride/groom portraits and more. The name of the groom is mostly hidden in the bridal indian mehndi designs. There is a myth surrounding the color of the mehndi designs, the darker shade, more love amongst the couple. Indian mehndi designs use the national symbols as their motif...
Pakistani Mehndi Designs
Pakistani mehndi designs are favourite amongst brides to be. The designs are quite intricate and not much skin is visible in these pakistani mehndi designs. The mehndi designs are quite easy to follow even for beginners. Wedding ceremonies are never complete without mehndi designs. The most obvious patterns in pakistani mehndi designs are flowers and random shapes. Simple floral designs are used as fillers, so no skin is visible in the pakistani mehndi designs. Finger pakistani mehndi designs are quite popular amongst party...

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